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New To The Hearth...

Found this community the other day and I'm excited about it! Looks like a slow one, but hopefully it'll pick up, especially since it's Spring. *winky wink*

I'm a 28 year-old hedge witch and wife and mother of two, in an apartment in Utah (dreaming of buying a house). I'm a bit of a chaotic Piscean, but I'm also Virgo rising, so I'm a housewife who loves homemaking but lives in a messy house... who digs tackling something and getting it done and basking in the clean prettiness, but dislikes cleaning in general. Haha! I also just started going to college, so life is pretty hectic with that and homeschooling and the social life. But things are getting done, either due to a more structured schedule or the energy of Spring. I like it!

I'm into sacred spaces, too, and so yeah... good place for me to be. Hail Hestia!
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