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anyone else being productive, or lazy...?

...I think I tend to have a problem getting fully motivated at times, because my physical technology level is fairly low (no car, no washing machine other than a hand-crank one, limited money, etc.), and the house is really pretty big and logistically there's just a lot of *stuff*, which often makes it feel like too big a job, despite me making the odd stab at the flylady method etc. I tend to keep things that I think will genuinely be of help to me and others (books, fabrics, plastic sheeting for windows, etc.). There's just too much stuff in some ways, but spiritually I feel like it's my job to have stuff that can help others if there is need, and often I have been able to help. Does anyone else know what I mean? I also am really nice to moths and all, and so I feel like I don't want to kill them if they turn up in the pantry, which does make a bit of trouble with storing pasta etc., and I can only put so many bargain packages in the fridge away from them! I try to put the moths outside when it's seasonal, but sometimes I feel like they take over the place, and I definitely to not kill things in my house other than in major self-defense...this sound rambley, but does anyone know what I mean? To me a 'sacred home' is not one where I would kill beings just for convenience...
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