kbreen (kbreen) wrote in sacred_home,


Over the last 5 months I have only had occasional, very brief spurts
of trying to FLY (see www.flylady.net). It is better than nothing though. Right now I am
following the babysteps which have been on the website this month (I
have written them all down before it gets taken off the website - last
year I saw them on the site, they were then called baby boogie, but
then they disappeared from the site before I had even made a start
with them). So last night I shined my sink, and then did my first
ever 2 min hot spot and 5 min room rescue, then 15 min trash collection, then the weekly flyspot (cleaning technology) and the daily zone mission (vacuum), then just now (Sat morning) I did another 2 min hot spot, and another 5 min room rescue.
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