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Intro Post

Hello all!

I'm very excited to have run across this community to Hestia! I'm Natalie, a 23 year old Spiric pagan, living in Calgary, Alberta. I adore all things domestic (Home Comforts is my bible), and although She was staring me in the face all the time, I never realized Vesta is my patroness until fairly recently. I have three kittens (Phaedra, Hyperion, and Copernicus) that make keeping my apartment neat an ongoing task. They're very destructivecurious and like to ride on my shoulders to watch whatever I'm doing :) I run domesticbliss which is pretty quiet right now, but a good little community.

I'm also an aspiring herbalist, I'm taking my Master Herbalist at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing (

I'm looking forward to sharing my cozy home life and hearing about yours! I'm sure you'll all understand the triumph of finding the perfect pie-crust recipe, whipping up successful batches of home-made cleaning products, and the heart-warming thrill of watching the snow fall from inside your Home.

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