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new home/altars

I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend. Its in a historical building, 1920s Spanish mission style. Wood floors, crown moulding, arched doorway, balcony...its just beautiful. It will be my first apartment out of college, learning to support myself.

What do you do to cleanse a new home and make it your own? In the past I have used sage and incense. I have a beautiful altar which I recently aquired from an antique store ( that will receive a special place. Ganesha has been my watchman for the past few years. As he is a patron of new beginnings, I hope he will be present in this new home.

I feel that I should somehow create a second miniature altar in celebration of my new job, and in prayer that I will fulfill it to the best of my abilities.

Is anyone else in love with altars? Do you find yourself creating them all over your home, even around the sink in your bathroom or in a nook on your workdesk?
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