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flylady routines

On Sunday I decided to post my version of Flylady's daily routines: (see www.flylady.net): not that I ever do much of it, but perhaps posting it will motivate
me. I have reminded myself that posting it won't put me under any
obligation to do all or even any of it, but it might help me to have
the list and be able write "done" beside things.

Morning routine:

make bed

morning yoga exercises, in four parts:
head turn in one direction, knees in other
knees apart
stomach pumping
nostril breathing


walk or run

have breakfast - done

take vitamins - done

clean bathroom

clean toilet

wash face

brush hair

laundry in machine

check calender

PODA or To Do list

hang out laundry

5 min room rescue

15 min trash collection

Afternoon routine:
Full yoga session with C.D. (if not already done today)
exercise (if not already done enough)
5 min room rescue - done x11
15 min trash collection
start dinner - done

Evening routine:

living room
review checklist
check calender
start PODA or To Do list
see if there is something else I can do ready for tomorrow
things ready by door
start breakfast
clothes for tomorrow
exercise (if not already done enough)
If not already done today, do yoga session with C.D.
brush teeth, clean face
journal or reflection
go to bed at a consistant time
final reflection before falling asleep

Wow, that should give me a lot of choices from day to day! It did
get me thinking, adjusting the routine to suit me. I have also
reminded myself that I can alter it at any point in time, and that
if I get used to following a regular routine it will probably show
up for me more clearly what patterns and plans suit me best, so that
I will better know what further alterations to make.

One alteration I have made already is to eliminate for the time being the 2 min hot spots, because I tried picking up some junk setting the timer for 2 mins, and it went off so soon that I thought I might as well have set it for 5 mins. There probably aren't really any "hot spots" in my house, as it is all just a big mess. Perhaps I will end up gradually extending the number of mins to set the timer for, so that it will become a longer-than-5-mins "room rescue":)

I have done 11 X 5 mins so far today (hence the "done x11") in the afternoon routine. I am certainly becoming a convert to using the timer! I found yesterday, I didn't know where to start with picking things up, so it was easiest to just set the timer and then hurry to do what I could before it rang.

Last month I cleared out the hallway cupboard for the purpose of freeing up more storage space, andjust now I have started putting some clothes in it as I pick them up off the floor. Not that I will be likely to always keep clothes in that cupboard, but for the time being it is a good way of helping me to make a new start, since my bedroom is such a mess:)
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