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sacred_home's Journal

Sacred Home Community
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Sacred Home is a community devoted to Hestia, and other "hearth and home" Goddesses. It is the idea that we can create a beautiful and sacred home and support each other in that work. This community is created by bookofnights, but is maintained and run by you :) In other words, this community won't survive, much less thrive, unless we all contribute.

On topic contributions include (but aren't limited to): house hold routines; web sites and links that have helped organize/beautify your home; any magickal work that has helped you create a sacred home; any thoughts or contributions towards creating a sacred space/home for intentional communities you are part of, or creating. Requests for help and ideas are always on topic, too :)

Finally, a quote from "Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House" by Cheryl Mendelson.
When you keep house, you use your head, your heart, and your hands together to create a home--the place where you live the most important parts of your private life.