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blessing your home [09 Sep 2008|09:26am]

How do you like to bless a new home?

I bought a condo a little over a month ago. I'm all moved in and decorated and I STILL haven't blessed OR cleansed the place. My plan had something to do with an evening to myself, sweetgrass and sage, oil for special places like altar and mantle, and music. I just keep putting it off.

Here is my pretty new home:

It was foreclosed upon and I know a bit about the people who lived there (I know their names, they were married, had 2 cats, probably Jewish) and I'd kinda like to send them a blessing too, hoping a sad thing turned out well for them.
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[02 Aug 2008|11:03am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! I'm thinking of making my own household cleaners, because it will be environmentally friendly and possibly cheaper than using store bought ones. Would you care to share your favourite recipes and/websites with me?

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Little Altars Everywhere (Did anyone else read that book?) [02 Apr 2007|03:45pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

In honor of the fact that there was actually some activity on here :-p I'm posting pics of my House Altar and Kitchen Altar.

Here!Collapse )

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New, with a question... [29 Jan 2007|06:29pm]
Hi! I just joined this morning, and find the concept of this community to fit right in with my own efforts at turning my home into a sanctuary. I love to organize stuff, and I’ve found that the more organized my house is, the more smoothly things run for my spouse and I. It seems I’m constantly weeding stuff out, as I get rid of things that don’t enhance my life, and which I don’t care for. My home is slowly becoming the haven I want it to be, and it feels more and more comfortable with each thing I finish.

My question concerns house spirits. I’ve read some different views on house spirits and what they are. Some say that there are hobs and brownies and such who take up residence and help the family out with chores and such. Others believe in the house itself having a spirit. I believe in both actually, and from what I’ve read, both need to be honored. I’m curious about how others go about this. Do you leave food in a dish for a period of time, do you have a house altar, or do you simply talk to your home? Or do you do something else entirely, or nothing at all?
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half a dozen decent articles on clutter and home etc. ... [09 Oct 2006|04:00pm]

[ mood | awake ]


...I like these, and find them a bit more thoughful than the ususal "Throw everything out NOW!" articles you can find about clutter...they include talking about taking care of yourself, your home, your brain...quite nice!

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is your home 'a sacred home'? Why or why not? [07 Oct 2006|04:35pm]

[ mood | awake ]

...I really love the idea of this community, and have not paid attention to it much (and I'm not a moderator here)...here's a question we can think about if you'd like:

Is your home a sacred home? What makes it so, or what prevents it?

...I was just thinking about this, and realise that I somehow fear having my home be 'sacred' in a way that others can really come to, because I don't want the energy of idiots messing it up, basically...and I understand that it is sacred to me, in a way that does help me and give me energy, but also that me keeping it intentionally messy in order to slow down energy, and keep me from inviting people over, has its limitations too...

...I hope we can have a good conversation on the subject!

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Mabon Dinner [23 Sep 2006|05:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I am making dinner for Autumn Equinox/Mabon tonight. Mostly people from work, my boyfriend and our roommate. Dinner for eight:

*Honey glazed ham (packaged ham, cook as per package directions. In last hour of cooking, add honey glaze)
Honey glaze: approx 1/2 c. brown sugar
approw 1/3 c. honey
approx 2 TB dijon mustard
proportions vary makes a thick paste with sweet smell you can just smell the mustard in
*Mashed potatoes and gravy (Yukon Gold potatoes boiled and mashed with butter and milk, gravy is a mix
*Squash casserole
Approx 7 yellow squash, sliced and boiled about 15 mins til tender but still firm
1/2 c. onion, diced
1/4 c. milk
1/2 c. butter, sliced
2 eggs, beaten
3 TB sugar
1 c. cheese (I use Kraft 4-cheese blend with American, colby, jack, and cheddar for this)
Mix gently in large bowl, transfer to casserole dish. Top w crushed crackers.
Bake approx 30 mins at 350*
*Fresh Wheat bread with pecan butter (Bread-maker and mix, pecan butter from the Smokey Bones where I work)
*Apple pie (Prepared crust, cinnamon apples from work)

I made easy little name cards for the table using MS Word, and got some very cheap, cute table decorations from Target in the clearance aisle. I'll let you know later how it turns out! This is my first time entertaining since I moved back to Alabama, so I'm very excited!

OH YEAH, and serving apple cider (and sweet tea, I'm in the South ;-) to drink.

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oh! someone wrote! yay! And clutter clutter clutter... [10 Jun 2006|11:26am]

[ mood | awake ]

...I'm glad to see some people still active here! I just started a couple of communities that sprang to mind when I saw 'clutter' as a big thing in people's minds, and I hope it's okay to mention them here. If not, it's okay to delete this, although we are just now talking about clutter in both of them. They are oldfengshui for traditinal or classical feng shui, and popularfengshui. I started them because the other community I belonged to about fengshui often had people being critical of each others' preference for one or the other, so I started two groups, and most people have joined both.

I definitely have been especially terrible about clutter lately, and I am wondering why. It could be that I am busy with things like sleep and health, but I find a real resistance in me to do much about it. I know that I intentionally use clutter as an actual form of defensive barrier, so the energy goes slowly in my house and doesn't bring in unwanted, or scary, changes...does this apply to others here?

Maybe the fact that I sleep a lot now, and feel like I am processing changes, could bethe reason I keep the place nice and slow...hmmm...

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flylady routines [04 Jan 2006|06:01pm]
On Sunday I decided to post my version of Flylady's daily routines: (see www.flylady.net): not that I ever do much of it, but perhaps posting it will motivate
me. I have reminded myself that posting it won't put me under any
obligation to do all or even any of it, but it might help me to have
the list and be able write "done" beside things.

Morning routine:

make bed

morning yoga exercises, in four parts:
head turn in one direction, knees in other
knees apart
stomach pumping
nostril breathing


walk or run

have breakfast - done

take vitamins - done

clean bathroom

clean toilet

wash face

brush hair

laundry in machine

check calender

PODA or To Do list

hang out laundry

5 min room rescue

15 min trash collection

Afternoon routine:
Full yoga session with C.D. (if not already done today)
exercise (if not already done enough)
5 min room rescue - done x11
15 min trash collection
start dinner - done

Evening routine:

living room
review checklist
check calender
start PODA or To Do list
see if there is something else I can do ready for tomorrow
things ready by door
start breakfast
clothes for tomorrow
exercise (if not already done enough)
If not already done today, do yoga session with C.D.
brush teeth, clean face
journal or reflection
go to bed at a consistant time
final reflection before falling asleep

Wow, that should give me a lot of choices from day to day! It did
get me thinking, adjusting the routine to suit me. I have also
reminded myself that I can alter it at any point in time, and that
if I get used to following a regular routine it will probably show
up for me more clearly what patterns and plans suit me best, so that
I will better know what further alterations to make.

One alteration I have made already is to eliminate for the time being the 2 min hot spots, because I tried picking up some junk setting the timer for 2 mins, and it went off so soon that I thought I might as well have set it for 5 mins. There probably aren't really any "hot spots" in my house, as it is all just a big mess. Perhaps I will end up gradually extending the number of mins to set the timer for, so that it will become a longer-than-5-mins "room rescue":)

I have done 11 X 5 mins so far today (hence the "done x11") in the afternoon routine. I am certainly becoming a convert to using the timer! I found yesterday, I didn't know where to start with picking things up, so it was easiest to just set the timer and then hurry to do what I could before it rang.

Last month I cleared out the hallway cupboard for the purpose of freeing up more storage space, andjust now I have started putting some clothes in it as I pick them up off the floor. Not that I will be likely to always keep clothes in that cupboard, but for the time being it is a good way of helping me to make a new start, since my bedroom is such a mess:)
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new home/altars [27 Oct 2005|09:20pm]

I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend. Its in a historical building, 1920s Spanish mission style. Wood floors, crown moulding, arched doorway, balcony...its just beautiful. It will be my first apartment out of college, learning to support myself.

What do you do to cleanse a new home and make it your own? In the past I have used sage and incense. I have a beautiful altar which I recently aquired from an antique store (http://lunarfusion.com/box/altar.jpg) that will receive a special place. Ganesha has been my watchman for the past few years. As he is a patron of new beginnings, I hope he will be present in this new home.

I feel that I should somehow create a second miniature altar in celebration of my new job, and in prayer that I will fulfill it to the best of my abilities.

Is anyone else in love with altars? Do you find yourself creating them all over your home, even around the sink in your bathroom or in a nook on your workdesk?
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Intro Post [16 Oct 2005|11:36am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello all!

I'm very excited to have run across this community to Hestia! I'm Natalie, a 23 year old Spiric pagan, living in Calgary, Alberta. I adore all things domestic (Home Comforts is my bible), and although She was staring me in the face all the time, I never realized Vesta is my patroness until fairly recently. I have three kittens (Phaedra, Hyperion, and Copernicus) that make keeping my apartment neat an ongoing task. They're very destructivecurious and like to ride on my shoulders to watch whatever I'm doing :) I run domesticbliss which is pretty quiet right now, but a good little community.

I'm also an aspiring herbalist, I'm taking my Master Herbalist at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing (www.wrc.net).

I'm looking forward to sharing my cozy home life and hearing about yours! I'm sure you'll all understand the triumph of finding the perfect pie-crust recipe, whipping up successful batches of home-made cleaning products, and the heart-warming thrill of watching the snow fall from inside your Home.


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[11 Oct 2005|11:24am]

I'm trying to think of Goddesses attached to hearth and home, and so far can only come up with Frigga and Hestia. Anyone know any others off the top of their head?
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Hi [01 Oct 2005|09:09am]
Over the last 5 months I have only had occasional, very brief spurts
of trying to FLY (see www.flylady.net). It is better than nothing though. Right now I am
following the babysteps which have been on the website this month (I
have written them all down before it gets taken off the website - last
year I saw them on the site, they were then called baby boogie, but
then they disappeared from the site before I had even made a start
with them). So last night I shined my sink, and then did my first
ever 2 min hot spot and 5 min room rescue, then 15 min trash collection, then the weekly flyspot (cleaning technology) and the daily zone mission (vacuum), then just now (Sat morning) I did another 2 min hot spot, and another 5 min room rescue.
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nice article... [04 Sep 2005|08:53pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Getting Things Done - A How To Quiz
By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Channels.

Do you ever find yourself so paralyzed by the impossibility of getting everything done that you don‘t do some of the essentials? It’s happened to me: when I had an outdoor pool, we didn’t manage to get the thing shut down and covered for the winter one year until nearly Thanksgiving, which means we had to scoop away a three-inch sludge of fallen leaves first! The frustrating thing was that by avoiding that chore for too long, we made even more work for ourselves. Read more...Collapse )

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anyone else being productive, or lazy...? [04 Jul 2005|11:38am]

[ mood | awake ]

...I think I tend to have a problem getting fully motivated at times, because my physical technology level is fairly low (no car, no washing machine other than a hand-crank one, limited money, etc.), and the house is really pretty big and logistically there's just a lot of *stuff*, which often makes it feel like too big a job, despite me making the odd stab at the flylady method etc. I tend to keep things that I think will genuinely be of help to me and others (books, fabrics, plastic sheeting for windows, etc.).Read more...Collapse )

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anyone still here? [02 Jul 2005|03:17pm]

This seems like a great idea, but...maybe everyone is just busy...
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Altar [31 Mar 2005|09:00am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Does anyone have an altar devoted to Hestia or the like?

I promised Hestia I'd build her an altar when I was asking for resources ($$) to enable me to buy the organization tools and crafting supplies I need to make my home beautiful & peaceful. DH has finally got a job that pays well and I can do that, so it's time to make my altar.

I'm thinking either in the living room at the fireplace (hearth) or in the kitchen (the heart of our home). There is more room in the LR, but I'd have to install a wall shelf or something, and I worry about putting holes in the walls of our apartment. I'd love to find a figurine or statue of her to enshrine. Maybe I'll make one after studying up on her. =)

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New To The Hearth... [31 Mar 2005|12:19am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Found this community the other day and I'm excited about it! Looks like a slow one, but hopefully it'll pick up, especially since it's Spring. *winky wink*

I'm a 28 year-old hedge witch and wife and mother of two, in an apartment in Utah (dreaming of buying a house). I'm a bit of a chaotic Piscean, but I'm also Virgo rising, so I'm a housewife who loves homemaking but lives in a messy house... who digs tackling something and getting it done and basking in the clean prettiness, but dislikes cleaning in general. Haha! I also just started going to college, so life is pretty hectic with that and homeschooling and the social life. But things are getting done, either due to a more structured schedule or the energy of Spring. I like it!

I'm into sacred spaces, too, and so yeah... good place for me to be. Hail Hestia!

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[27 Mar 2005|08:21pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Trying to declutter at the moment... trying to work out a sufficiently simple filing system so I can have somewhere to put each item that I don't fling...

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Hi all [25 Mar 2005|01:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I just joined livejournal yesterday. I had found the Yahoo groups a great motivator in cleaning (see www.flylady.net), but it looks like livejournal might be much quicker and more convenient for reading posts, and especially the fact that it groups together the replies to a person's post, unlike in Yahoo where you have to wallow through them all, without any indicator of who is replying to who's post! Also very easy here to find out who is who, by clicking on their journal link!
Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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